Why We Do It

•  Just like you, we think prescription prices are too high
• We want to make insurance irrelevant for routine needs
• We want to bring more transparency to healthcare
• Our membership is all-inclusive.

How We Do It

• Cloud-based technology helps us keep cost low
• We both save by not going through insurance
• You pay our cost + a small dispensing fee
• No huge markup, hidden fees or surcharges ever again

Be Part of Us

• No more driving around for pricing
• No more searching for coupons online
• No more having your data sold to advertisers
• We are here for you.

Pharmacy Membership is currently only available as part of Ochna Health Direct Primary Care membership.

We stock inventories for the medications our members need most frequent. By not maintaining a large inventory, and ordering as needed, we keep our inventory cost low, and pass it on to you.
However, we are a small pharmacy, and do not have the pricing power to negotiate as other larger chains. Naturally, we cannot save you on every prescriptions. In those cases, we will refer you to outside pharmacies. Our concern first and foremost is you.

We additional keep our cost low by:

  • Sharing the space with Ochna Health clinic,
  • Keeping the pharmacy small, and open part-time, and
  • Purchasing medications directly from wholesalers.

• We only stock generic (non-controlled) prescription medications. These are where we can make the most differences.
• Brand medications are extremely difficult for us as a small pharmacy to negotiate a good price for. So we do not carry them.
• Similarly, carrying controlled medications have high associated costs with regards to inventory security and regulations as per the Drug Enforcement Administration. As a result, we do not keep controlled medications in stock.
• We do not carry vitamins, CBD or hemp products.

• We carry limited ankle/wrist/shoulder/knee braces, splints, and crutches for the rare cases when you have an injury.
• We also have blood pressure machines, breathing nebulizer machines, and others for your health care needs.

Upon graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, our pharmacist Sydney completed the first year of pharmacy education at the cross-town rival, the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, before transferring to and eventually graduating from Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions with her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.

After a year of practicing at Fremont Hospital in Fremont, Nebraska, Sydney continued her career at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. In 2008, she moved to Austin, and subsequently practiced pharmacy at Baylor Scott & White Clinic for eleven years. Upon the way, she realized that the major factors contributing to the high prices of prescriptions are the cost for all the required administrative tasks associated with insurance, and the many middle men between the wholesaler and the patients, each and everyone of them wanting a cut of the pie.

She then started Ochna Health Pharmacy in summer of 2019 along the principle of Direct Primary Care: a membership-based approach to eliminate inefficiencies associated with an outdated insurance-based model, and to eliminate the middle men to bring down the cost of prescriptions for her patients.
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