Business Membership


More Than Just Sick Care: We focus heavily on prevention and wellness
• We Make It Easy: All services – on site, virtual via Telemedicine, and after hours – are included without co-payments of any kind
• From skin biopsies, joint injections to stiches: We do it all. Small fee for supplies applies.


Affordable and All-Inclusive : Just over $2/day
Get Well Faster: Unrestricted and timely access to our services
• And Stay Well Longer: Our focus on health, wellness, and prevention
• Save on Everything Else: Wholesale pricing on prescriptions, lab, and radiology services


• With no time restrictions, our board-certified family physicians can care for 80-90% of your needs.
• Virtual Specialist Consultation available and inclusive (via RubiconMD or similar)
• Needing specialty care? We refer you to self pay-friendly specialists and surgeons
• ER/Hospitals? Optional Health Share available

Join the many local businesses who have provided health benefits to their staff and employees through Ochna Health Direct Primary Care

Please contact Ochna Health for a quote for your business’ healthcare needs.

Keeping your employees
Healthy, Happy and Productive
has never been easier

“Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business”

Richard Branson

Membership in Ochna Health allows you to provide quality primary care to your employees. Together with a wrap-around insurance plan or Health Share program for catastrophic coverages, this makes financial sense for your business, your employees and allows you to avoid the insurance penalty.

Direct Primary Care has been proven to lower absenteeism, reduce ER visits, reduce medical costs, decrease employee stress, improve employee morale, as well as increase productivity from savings on time going to and from a doctor’s office and waiting time. It allows you to get back to what is most important for you and your employees, YOUR BUSINESS.