Telemedicine Clinic

Telemedicine available to members


Smartphone (best): We will voice or video call you via the mobile app at the time of the appointment. Mobile app access is for members only. Upon signing up as members, you will receive a text message with instructions to download the mobile app.
Don’t have a smartphone: You will need a Google account to access Telemedicine services via Google Hangouts Meet on Google Chrome.


Although we might be intermittently available for on-demand consultation during regular hours, it is better to schedule a telemedicine appointment in advance.

Please review the Telemedicine Guideline

Scope of Care

The scope of care is limited to acute, episodic, non-emergent concerns that do not require a hands-on examination, such as allergies, cold symptoms, sore throat, sinus infection, pink eye, general skin rash, or bladder infection (18 years and older).

For established patients, a follow up visit may be scheduled when pre-arranged.


Ear infection: A clinic visit may be needed to truly determine if an infection is present.
Sore throat: Strep test in the clinic or at a secondary testing location may be needed.
Flu symptoms: Flu test in the clinic or at a secondary testing location may be needed.
Controlled medications will not be prescribed via telemedicine. Ochna Health reserves the right to modify the list of medications unavailable via initial telemedicine at any time.