New location in April 2021

Our new clinic in 2021

We are outgrowing our current space, and moving to a new location in April 2021.

We have found our new place at the Commons at Teravista. The location fits several of our criteria:

  • Located in Georgetown,
  • Central to the vast majority of our patients,
  • Not in a retail plaza,
  • Affordable enough for us to add various updates for safety, including:
    • Air returns in every room, which funnels the air through an always-on UV-C sanitizer lamp before being recirculated,
    • Outdoor air intake to constantly bring in fresh air, and
    • Exhaust fans to allow indoor air to escape.

After April 5th, please visit us at 1821 Westinghouse Rd, Suite 1190, Georgetown, TX 78626. Other than the new location, everything else is the same — same physicians, same staff, and same phone number.

We will have a limited Open House hopefully in May once we are fully settled in, if conditions permit.

We could not have done it without you, and will continue to be humbly at your service. Thank you for your continued trust in us for your health care needs.