Employer Membership


The membership structure allows us to offer innovative services that focus on you and your family. You will enjoy little to no waiting for appointments, flat and transparent pricing, unprecedented access via telemedicine to and lasting relationship with your doctors.

  • Personalized care plans, with health coaching available
  • Emphasis on health, wellness, and preventive care
  • Unlimited clinic visits with Premier Membership
  • Access to your doctors via Telemedicine
  • Transparent pricing on all services
  • Everyone is welcome.
  • We are comfortable with seeing all ages.
  • There is no pre-existing conditions exclusion.

“Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business” 

– Richard Branson

Keeping your employees
Healthy, Happy  and Productive
has never been easier
  •  Easy Access to Services
  •  Unlimited Visits
  •  Unlimited Telemedicine
  •  Personalized Care
  •  Easy Communication via Mobile Application
  •  Transparent Pricing
  •  Affordable, and All-Inclusive
  •  Third Party Catastrophic Coverage available
Join the many local businesses who have provided health benefits to their staff and employees through Ochna Health Direct Primary Care

Please contact Ochna Health for a quote for your business’ healthcare needs.

Membership in Ochna Health allows you to provide quality primary care to your employees. Together with a wrap-around insurance plan for catastrophic coverages, this makes financial sense for your business, your employees and allows you to avoid the insurance penalty.

Direct Primary Care has been proven to lower absenteeism, reduce Emergency Room visits, reduce medical costs, decreased employee stress, improved employee morale, as well as improved productivity from savings on time going to and from a doctor’s office and waiting time. It allows you to get back to what is most important for you and your employees, your business.